The impact from the services rendered by the Sri Sathya Sai Mobile Hospital has been tremendous. On the curative front it has given a sense of great security to the people living in nearly 300 villages around Puttaparthi. People living in this belt feel they have a free high quality hospital either at their doorstep or quite near to them for at least half a month. It is a boon especially for patients from economically weaker sections with chronic ailments who face the burden of having to buy medicines on a continuous basis. The preventive services have lead to increased awareness on major health issues, which is gradually getting translated into changed habits, and lifestyle modifications for the better. The spiritual component of the service has strengthened the community bonds and has reminded people that positive thinking and practice of human values leads to sound health & happiness. Community participation is also good with people from villages coming forward to assist with arrangements and logistics at each of the nodal points. Many of them have become part of the service. Doctors and other support staff take this service as a great opportunity to show their gratitude to society, which nourishes and nurtures them. They also take it as their way of showing love to Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba who has inspired and motivated them, by His own example, to take up this path of selflessly serving fellow human beings.